What could be the most important thing while climbing to the tallest place in the planet? I’ve been asked many a times. Let me tell you, everything is important, one miss and you have to take ten steps back, maybe twenty.

So, is it about perfection then? No, climbing the Everest is a journey of knowing your strengths so well and building them to the best of your ability. It’s all a game of STRENGTH. And, why do we live after all? To become the best versions of ourselves. The Everest makes me a better person, it helps me realise that life could be as big as my dreams, my capacity to chase them and my STRENGTH to conquer them.

What’s important is to understand your body - it comes after trials, training, providing yourself the right nutrition and making sure you take your supplements, all to keep you going. Because, while climbing the Himalayas it is the acclimatisation that serves you, it is what is needed. If the body doesn’t adapt to the altitude, you could get sick.

When in the Himalayas one realizes even more strongly that the basic things in life are extremely important. Many years of trekking have not only helped me in estimating the needs of my body but also the limits of my mind. They have taught me to push beyond my boundaries and eventually cross them.

While it all started with my zeal for fitness, now I relate every trek, every step to the lessons climbing has taught me. I have become far more intuitive and aware as a result. Awareness is most important to keep your body, mind and goals completely aligned. It is a key strength when you face challenges during the expedition.

With food on my mind I reached Namche Bazaar (3,500 m) which is the staging point for expeditions to Everest and other Himalayan peaks in the area. I was exhilarated upon reaching here. Walking on the steel suspension bridge which is like a gateway to the Everest region, I felt a sense of achievement. Crossing the bridge means crossing a milestone. I reached Namche Bazaar well in time for lunch. Namche Bazar is the largest settlement in the region, other than being a historic trading hub known especially for it’s homemade yak cheese and butter. The oncecapital of Khumbu, it is here that Sherpas from neighbouring villages and Tibet would gather to trade commodities and would display their traditional arts and crafts. Namche Bazaar, to this date is a living reminder of its ancient culture and royal hospitality.

I sat in a small café enjoying an apple struddle with a nice coffee that kept me warm. From there, I hiked till the Everest View Hotel (3841mts) helipad! I realised, thatwhen you can enjoy an acclimatisation climb, you know you’re ready for the next level elevation. looked ahead from where I stood and I could see the Everest and Lhotse. It is my dream that stands ahead in all its majestic grandness made me happy. We at Livogen salute Vikas Dimri who has shown the Strength to climb Mt. Everest. While Vikas tells the story of his Everest, he would love to hear from you. Tell us your story - #MyStrengthmyEverest



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