The outside, closer to the Peak

A glorious sun set over Camp 2 of Everest, filling the snowy mountains with yellow orange hues and I watched in wonder. Ah! the delights of climbing a mountain, I thought, there could never be a dull moment here. As I admired the space around me, I braced myself for another cold night.

Climbing inside my tent, I tried to keep warm and thought about how many changes I saw each day. I had mentioned in an earlier blog that here in the mountains every step is a change.

The next day, my line of thought saw its proof, to my dismay the Everest weather turned bad. The infamous jet-stream moved right over the mountain. ‘An Avalanche’! I heard climbers saying. Although I had hoped for excellent weather all the way, it would have been unwise to not anticipate a weather scare.

We started our 15 km descent to Pheriche valley, here the weather was much better. In a small village of Upper Pangboche in the Imja Valley, as I captured the beautifully calm surrounding on my camera and I thought about the many scenarios I imagined before this climb, I found myself asking that why do we (mountain climbers & non-climbers) attempt to predict every moment. Sometimes, when we hope to be a part of a scene - do we imagine it to be as grand as the one I am witnessing? Do our imaginations fall short of life’s possibilities? Dream big! Everyone says,

but I always believe that the dreams that life can give us are greater than our imagination. So, while life throws big dreams my way, I can only pray that when my turn comes, there is no jet- stream and the sky is calm enough to allow me to reach the top of Sagarmatha.

Is there a guarantee? Of course not, there are no guarantees and that is what the mountains teach us, that we must always be prepared- for the best, and for the worst. Our strength, lies not merely in chasing the big dream but also in persistence and allowing things to go wrong, accepting imperfect realities. Our strength lies, in understanding that even though the weather goes rough, an Avalanche occurs, no matter how much the outside changes, inside needs to remain still and stable.

I find solace in the cosy tea shop we checked into, it certainly is more comfortable than the Everest Base-camp. I would have never predicted being here on this day!

So, stop predicting and live, it’s one life, one Everest, I tell myself as I stretch my muscles outside the cozy tea shop. I remind myself that I must prepare myself well - eat well, take the right nutrition and supplements, get decent sleep, so that when the weather changes I am ready to climb the mountain that stands ahead of me in all its glory.

If you too have a dream that drives you, be patient when a storm occurs, when the outside seems to stir something unexpected. And remember, your strength lies within.



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