We started from the South Col (Camp 4) at 8.30 pm on the 17th of May, an incredibly beautiful night. Climbing through the night, tirelessly, through darkness, wind and some heart-stopping moments. And then, I witnessed the most spectacular sun-rise from the far east just as we approached the South Summit. In that moment I was there, my dream in front of me – the tallest peak on earth! The whole mountain seemed mine and I belonged only to it.

Very few are lucky enough to reach here, but it isn’t just luck, it is a lot of hard-work, determination and most importantly- STRENGTH!

It feels like it has been a long journey, one that has filled me in many ways between the days that have passed. And, where has it led me I ask myself. Well – ‘On top of the world!’

How does it feel to be here? Humble…and grateful. I am grateful to my body, my mind and my spirit for giving me the strength to allow this great an experience.

I remember the times when I ran close to the sea, trekked through many mountains before I decided to take the Everest on! And what a maddening yet enriching experience it has been, one that made me feel more alive each day. An unforgettable road, an indescribable time and, so many breathtakingly beautiful memories.

I feel like I am reborn for I will never be the same again.

If you ask me the one thing that proved to be my strength on top of the world - it is my BREATH. It is all about breath, honestly. I realised that we take our first when we are born and our last before we die, when we are angry or upset we need deep breaths to calm us. The monks practice vipassana which is essentially watching your breath until you attain enlightenment. It is breath, that is our personal rhythm. In the mountains, it is breathing that is most important.

But how to ensure that you remain fit enough to keep breathing in a place that is called the ‘death-zone’? By following a strong regimen in preparation, by sticking to it – no matter what. Exercise, diet and more importantly daily dose of nutrition supplements every day till you reach your personal Everest. That would be my small piece of advice for you- Take care of your mind & body and keep breathing! Chasing your dreams is just a run away, so run that run!

With my dream come alive in front of me….i feel COMPLETE.

Where am I now?
Well, we have descended 13000 feet in the last 24 hours to reach the safety of Base Camp and now I am in desperate need for rest.




Retracing steps for a better journey