‘Tomorrow, it is’, I tell myself while I patiently contain my bottled-up nervousness and excitement that has driven me for days. And, as I go about the mundane chores while trying to focus on the now, the snow-clad mountains appear clear across my mind’s canvas and they stay put as I go about my tasks, one after another. The feeling of deja-vu hovers like a cloud. This isn’t the first time I am going to climb the tallest peak on earth. Mt. Everest or The Death zone as it is called and rightfully so, is the deadliest place to be at if you consider the facts.

Mt Everest is 8000 ft. above sea level, where the temperature is - 40 degrees, the word freezing wouldn’t justify the level of cold. And oxygen level is one-third of that at sea level – a mere 33%. You fall one breath short and you tread the line from life to death. Being on top of the world is always the ultimate goal. One has to have an iron strong will power and rigorous training to make it to the top and sustain. It takes immense effort to prepare, attempt and make it possible. After all, I am an ordinary man; it is my extraordinary dream that makes my life special. I ask you, what could be more important than chasing your dream? No matter how crazy it is, your dream is important. And you must strive towards making it come true.

I remember my first attempt to climb Everest, it was last year. The summer of 2017, I almost made it to the top and had to spend 24 hours in the death zone. Unexpectedly, a blizzard occurred and for the safety of our team we had to retreat. Imagine, being at the death-zone waiting to give your story it’s much needed victory and then the weather comes in the way.

Needless to say, it was disheartening - three years of training, climbing in tough conditions being almost there, but not quite. And yet, you must move on from disappointments, from failures from anything that stops you from being the best version of yourself because you have only one life to live and you must live it fully. This is what the mountains teach us, that unless we drop all the unnecessary baggage, be it physical or mental or even emotional, unless we try and fail and try again, and unless we are above all willing to be strong, we can never conquer our personal ‘Everest’.

For the past year I have prepared hard to once again climb the highest peak in the world. The mountains are the same but the year that has passed has only made me stronger. Why am I doing this all over again? In the pursuit that there is one life, and one Everest!

So, I am going to make another journey, give my dream another go, because dreams are achieved by the strength of sheer belief.


On top of the world


Retracing steps for a better journey