How does it feel to be up there? A question I will be asked countless times over the next few months, probably years. What can I say, it isn’t just one unanimous feeling that roars through your heart, it is a gathering of many moments, trials and wonders that holds you, up there. On the top of the world, at the peak of Mt. Everest, I felt humbled more than anything.

As I descended, a huge sense of relief washed over me- It went well! I made it. I realised how my body and mind had aligned to make this dream possible. My spirit felt free on the top, something that cannot be described in words.

If you too have a dream that seems absolutely maddening, totally impossible, I would say work towards it. Life becomes mundane when we don’t chase our challenges that appear in the form of such dreams. But, remember that you will need to take immense care of yourself. Understand the needs of your body, mind and spirit. When they all align, nothing is impossible – believe me. I remember the hours I put into training my body – the times I gave up on temptation. Some things become a pattern, at times they are unhealthy for us, and at such times we must break the patterns that don’t serve us. We become stronger when we recognise these unhelpful patterns and break them.

Strength does not lie in merely achieving your dreams but having the courage to fight for them. There will be many personal obstacles in the way and each time you cross a hurdle you are a step closer to your Everest. That is what I have learnt in my journey of climbing the Everest.

For me, it all started with consciously choosing a fitness route. Back then, my health was my Everest, when we start with something the smallest of goals seem like large mountains. But, don’t be afraid- start the climbs because they will make you stronger. And when you are filled with strength you will be able to conquer great heights.

As I made my return journey back home, to the city by the sea- Mumbai, I realised how much I had missed my family. My loved ones, friends and more importantly my family has been my pillar of strength during my journey. When the flight took off, I closed my eyes for a moment- and it appeared, a sight unparalleled to anything I have ever seen, it is deeply etched in my memory now. From the top of the world, everything doesn’t seem small, it seems beyond all imagination and while you watch it you risk everything- life itself. But, the test of your many trials and strength comes when you risk it all for your great dream.

The flight landed in Mumbai, I was back home. The warm humid sea-smell greeted me, yet the mountains stayed in my heart. I felt a sense of pride- and thought ‘I have climbed my Everest’. Homecoming felt sweeter with that thought.

What next? My mind keeps asking. Once I return to the grind of routine, I will make sure to train harder- and stay even more conscious of my body and mind- after all a fit mind and body can make you reach the top of the world!



Retracing steps for a better journey

On top of the world