Treatment of Anaemia Diseases

Changed lifestyle and stressful schedule have resulted in anaemia as a lifestyle disease. A major shift in culture and societal demands has led people to opt drinking, smoking and skipping essential nutrients from the meal. Junk food culture and hectic work schedule are the additional factors for this human generated chaos, which demands for immediate actions to eradicate the health hazards generated by the disease, and ensuring the healthy future of mankind.

It has become indispensable to revoke the growing haphazard lifestyle to prevent future complexities. Creating awareness among the people for anaemia and how it is majorly caused due to the reluctant or careless lifestyle choices we make is the need of the hour. It is a constant endeavour to deprive the best of resources in order to move ahead with a happier and a healthier tomorrow.


Before curing a lifestyle disease such as anaemia, it is essential to understand its causes or the situation which leads to the problem. The efforts may range from the surveillance of eating habits to your routine jobs. The idea to prevent or get over with anaemia can be successfully accomplished only when the actions are taken at all levels — by individuals and national & international agencies. One needs to understand that the factors which attribute to a lifestyle disease are taken from our lives and its different settings; for example: homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, youth centers, nightclubs and on the street. However, there are some general precautions which can be taken to rule out the possibility of blood cells destruction:

  • Regular health checkup is the first step towards the safety and qualitative life. Go for a complete physical examination in every 3 to 6 months.

  • Take a periodic eye check-up. Let the doctors examine your eyes carefully on a regular basis.

  • Take out some quality time for yourself; spend it with your friends and family. This will help you emotionally as well.

  • Take proper rest and a good sound sleep to re-energise yourself. It is important to restore the energy of our body to make a fresh start.

  • Keep your surroundings neat and clean. This will help you in reducing the possibility of getting infected with various viruses and bacteria.

  • Increase the intake of nutritious supplements; supplements that are especially rich in iron and vitamins as advised by your doctor.

  • Adequate intake of water is an important part of our daily lifestyle because a sufficient amount of water is essential to keep our body active and hydrated.

  • Stay away from junk food and quit smoking or consumption of alcohol for the sake of a better health.



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