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Anaemia is a global public health problem, affecting 1.62 billion people worldwide. Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) is by far the most common cause of anemia. IDA is the most widespread yet neglected micronutrient deficiency disorder among young children, adolescents, and pregnant women. It is estimated that about 20% of maternal deaths are directly related to anaemia and another 50% of maternal deaths are associated with it. A nationally representative survey i.e., National Family Health Survey (NFHS) (2005–2006) revealed alarmingly high prevalence of IDA in 69.5% of children ages 6 to 59 months and 55.3% in ever-married women. Anaemia in breastfeeding mothers was 63.2% and 58.7% of the pregnant women were found to be anemic.

www.livogen.in is an initiative by MERCK to spread the awareness about anaemia, increase detection rates and treatment. This website has information on what is iron deficiency anaemia, what are the symptoms, remedies, precautions to prevent anaemia etc. This website also has interesting iron rich recipes that you can savour!

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